Legal notice

General terms and conditions:

1. PREAMBLE: The present General Conditions of Sale apply to all commercial operations concerning the products offered for sale by the organisation ATJR sprl within its Neo-reishi internet page, to the exclusion of all other conditions (unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing and contradictorily approved by the parties). The mere fact of placing an order via the Neo-reishi website implies adherence to the general conditions reproduced below.

2. IDENTITY OF ATJR sprl : ATJR sprl Place de la minoterie 10, 1080 Molenbeek-Saint-Jean Belgium Email : Telephone number : +32 471 56 48 28 (Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm) VAT identification number : BE 050.584.0845

3. DEFINITIONS: The terms used in these general terms and conditions or on the Neo-reishi website must be understood as follows: 3.1. Neo-reishi: the ATJR sprl website on which the products are presented and sold to customers. The .be domain and related URLs are listed under the name Neo-reishi. 3.2. Customer: any natural or legal person, legally capable, who places an order for a product(s) via the Neo-reishi website. 3.3. Order: request for the conclusion of a sales contract by the customer between the ATJR sprl organisation and the customer of the Neo-reishi internet organisation concerning the products presented by Neo-reishi. 3.4. Product sheet: refers to the information (texts, photos, graphics, classification system by heading, ...) related to a product offered for sale on the Neo-reishi website. 3.5. Products: all the goods offered for sale by the ATJR sprl organisation through its Neo-reishi internet pharmacy. 3.6. Transaction: all operations, secure processing, authorizations and agreements inherent to the payment of products ordered by credit card or any other means of virtual transaction offered on the site.


The customer acknowledges having read these general terms and conditions of sale and declares, by placing the order, expressly accept them without reservation. The validation of the order is worth acceptance of the general conditions of sale.

5. OBJECT The organisation ATJR sprl offers dietary supplements for sale online. The customer connects to the website and, by filling his shopping basket, places an order for the products he has chosen while browsing the site (article 6). The products purchased are paid for online using one of the solutions offered on the site(article 8). Neo-reishi confirms the acceptance of the order by e-mail and the products are delivered to the customer within a specified time (article 7).

6. PRODUCTS Only the products for which a "product sheet" is published on the Neo-reishi website can be sold.


7.1. All the information provided by the customer, during the encoding of the data inherent to his order, engage this one. ATJR sprl may under no circumstances be held liable for any errors made by the customer in the wording of the order recipient's details (delivery address, billing address in particular) and for any delays in delivery or the impossibility of delivering the products ordered that these errors may cause. 7.2. The automatic recording systems are proof of the nature, content and date of the order. 7.3. As soon as Neo-reishi receives the order request, it confirms the acceptance of the order by sending a confirmation message to the e-mail address the customer provided when registering the order. The sale will be concluded only after the sending of the said order confirmation. 7.4. In general and without any necessary justification, ATJR sprl reserves the right to refuse or cancel any order from a customer, in particular in the event of a payment problem for the order concerned or a dispute relating to the payment of a previous order. 7.5. Almost all products are in stock. If the product ordered is not or no longer immediately available, Neo-reishi informs the customer of the delivery time by email. If the given delivery time does not satisfy the customer, he can then choose to modify or cancel his order. 7.6. Only legally capable persons can place an order.


8.1. After confirmation of the order and acceptance of payment by the organisation in charge of the transaction, ATJR sprl undertakes to have the products ordered sent to the customer at the delivery address mentioned within a period generally between 1 and 2 working days following the destination. All details concerning delivery times are available on the Neo-reishi website. 8.2. By placing an order, the customer commits himself to pay, upon receipt of the goods, all present and future taxes, duties, duties and other charges due for the delivery of the ordered products. The joint and several liability of the organisation ATJR sprl may in no way be engaged in this respect. 8.3. Delivery shall be made by the company B-Post for all countries. Delivery rates and delivery times are available on the Neo-reishi website. 8.4. Upon receipt of the ordered products, the customer or the recipient must check the good condition of the delivered product and read the conditions of use appearing on the instructions for use provided to him. In the event that one or more of the products ordered are missing or damaged, it is recommended that the customer or recipient make the necessary reservations to the carrier at the time of delivery and/or contact us via our Contact page. 8.5. If a package is not received despite the various passages of the carrier (maximum three passages), it shall be returned to ATJR sprl and the recipient shall be notified by e-mail. An additional delivery may be requested by the purchaser and he shall bear the costs thereof (even if the first shipment had been made free of charge). 8.6. Customers or recipients of the products shall refrain from any partial or total resale of the products purchased.


9.1. In order to avoid any risk of infringing the consumer's rights, it is recommended that any claims relating to the execution of the contract, such as any visible and/or qualitative defect of an item or other failure to deliver, should be reported to Neo-reishi as soon as possible, described as clearly and exhaustively as possible. It is advisable that such complaints be communicated to us via the Contact page (contact form, email, phone or mail). 9.2. Complaints filed with Neo-reishi will be answered within 14 days from the date of receipt. If a complaint requires a longer foreseeable processing time, Neo-reishi will reply within 14 days, acknowledging receipt and giving an indication of when the Consumer can expect a more detailed reply.


10.1. In accordance with the legislation in force for distance selling (law of December 21, 2013), the customer has the right to cancel his purchase without penalty and without giving any reason: - For products NOT medicines and medical devices, the right of withdrawal applies BEFORE or AFTER the shipment of the package by Neo-reishi To submit this request for withdrawal, the customer must : - either contact customer service via the contact page - or fill in and return the withdrawal form by e-mail The customer has a period of 14 calendar days from receipt of the products ordered to return them to the organisation ATJR sprl for exchange or reimbursement. In order to obtain the refund or an exchange, the customer must return the product(s) at his own expense (in accordance with Art. VI.51 § 1.) and under his responsibility to the following address: Neo-reishi, Place de la minoterie 10, 1080 Molenbeek-Saint-Jean (Belgium). If possible, it is preferable that the product(s) are in their original packaging, intact, accompanied by all possible accessories (such as and among other instructions for use and documentation) and a copy of the purchase invoice. 10.2. If the products are returned to Neo-reishi in the above mentioned conditions and time limits, Neo-reishi commits to refund the sums paid by the customer, free of charge. The shipping costs related to the return of the products are not refunded by Neo-reishi (unless the error is the responsibility of Neo-reishi). Reimbursement will be made within 14 days of receipt of the goods by Neo-reishi. 10.3. The consumer cannot exercise the right of withdrawal for: 1° the supply of goods that are likely to deteriorate or expire quickly; 2° the supply of sealed goods that cannot be returned for reasons of health protection or hygiene and that have been unsealed by the consumer after delivery ;


11.1. The price indicated on the product sheets does not include transport costs. 11.2. The price indicated in the order confirmation is the final price expressed all taxes included and including VAT. This price includes the price of the products, the handling, packaging and conservation costs of the products, the transport costs. 11.3 ATJR sprl reserves the right to modify the price of the products at any time, but the products shall be invoiced on the basis of the rates in force at the time the orders are recorded.


12.1. The price of the products is payable in cash by one of the means of payment offered on the site on the day the order is placed. 12.2. Protection both against fraudulent use of the means of payment used for the transaction, in particular following hacking, and against possible contestation of the payment of the price of an order is provided by the company Stripe. 12.3. The order validated by the customer does not become effective until the secure banking payment centre and the company Stripe have given their agreement to the execution of the transaction. In the event of refusal by the secure banking payment centre or the company Stripe, the order will be automatically cancelled and the customer notified by e-mail. 12.4. Information concerning the order is subject to automated data processing for which Stripe is responsible. The purpose of this automated data processing is to fight against credit card fraud. Stripe and Neo-reishi are the recipients of the data related to the order. Failure to transmit order-related data prevents the transaction from being carried out and analysed. In the event of fraudulent use of a bank card, irregular declaration or anomaly, the details relating to the order associated with this non-payment may be recorded in a payment incident file.


13.1. Neo-reishi and the organisation ATJR sprl (as well as its registered pharmacist) cannot under any circumstances and in no way be held liable for damages of any kind that could result from the misuse of the marketed products. 13.2. Neo-reishi, the ATJR sprl organisation or its pharmacist cannot be held liable for any modifications to the products that may be made by the manufacturers. 13.3. The responsibility of Neo-reishi/ATJR sprl organisation will, in any case, be limited to the amount of the order and cannot be held liable for simple errors or omissions that may have remained despite all the precautions taken in the presentation of the products. In particular, the photos on the site are provided for information purposes. Under no circumstances can a modification of the container or content of a product be invoked in case of discrepancy with the photo available on the site. The notices published in the product sheets are for information only. The customer undertakes to read carefully the notice displayed by the manufacturer on or in the packaging of the product. It is this notice which contains the information (and in particular dosages and contraindications) that the user must respect. 13.4. This site contains links to other Internet sites. Neither Neo-reishi nor the ATJR sprl organisation or its pharmacist holder can be held responsible for the current or future content of these sites, nor for the content of external sites that have a link to the Neo-reishi.

14 site. WARRANTY

14.1 All Products purchased from Neo-reishi benefit from the legal warranty of articles 1649 bis and following of the Civil Code, for any defect of conformity existing at the time of delivery of the Product, provided that the Customer does not know or is not supposed to know the defect at the time of the conclusion of the contract and this, provided that this defect of conformity appears within 2 years from the delivery. The Customer must inform Neo-reishi in writing of his intention to make a claim under the legal warranty, at the latest within 2 months from the day on which he noticed the defect. Neo-reishi will bear the cost of returning the non-conforming Product, provided that it is returned via the services Neo-reishi offers to the Customer, failing which the Customer will pay the difference if he decides to choose another more expensive service. Nevertheless, the Customer will bear all the risks related to the loss of the Product during the whole return operation. The return costs may be credited in the form of a purchase voucher, to be used on a future Order, or be included in the eventual refund. 14.2. Under no circumstances may Neo-reishi or the ATJR sprl organisation be held responsible for failure to comply with the regulatory and legislative provisions in force in the country of receipt. Neo-reishi/ATJR sprl organisation's possible liability is exclusively limited to the value of the product in question, determined on the date of its sale. The customer may contact customer service by completing the form available on the Neo-reishi website under the heading 'Contact us'.


15.1. The collection of nominative information carried out for the purposes of distance selling is compulsory, this information being essential for the processing and routing of orders. Failure to provide this information will result in the non-validation of the order. 15.2. ATJR sprl complies with the Belgian law of 8 December 1992 in relation to the processing of personal data, revised by the law of 11 December 1998, which takes into account the European directives of 24 October 1995. This law stipulates that the company collecting personal data must have the consent of the person concerned, that the data must prove to be accurate and that it must be collected for a precise, clear and legal purpose. Any person must have access to this personal data and the right to modify it. In accordance with the law, the processing of nominative customer information has been the subject of a declaration to the Commission for the Protection of Privacy. The customer has a right of access, modification, correction and deletion of the data concerning him, which he can exercise with ATJR sprl. 15.3. Neo-reishi and the ATJR sprl organisation undertake never to communicate the details of its customers to a third party.


The texts, layouts, illustrations, photos, product sheets and other elements appearing on this site are protected by copyright and, in general, by the principles of intellectual property law. The content of the Neo-reishi website may not be copied, modified, placed on another website or published in any form without the prior written permission of Neo-reishi / organisation Neo-reishi bvba. This site may also contain texts, illustrations and other elements protected by third party copyrights. Neo-reishi/organisation Neo-reishi bvba does not give permission to use its intellectual property or that of third parties in any way whatsoever.


17.1. In case of difficulties in the application of the present contract, the customer and Neo-reishi/ATJR bvba reserve the possibility, before any legal action, to seek an amicable solution. Failing this, only the courts of Liège are competent, whatever the place of delivery of the products or the customer's domicile. Contracts and all legal relations between the customer and Neo-reishi/ATJR sprl are subject to Belgian law. Neo-reishi is not subject to any extrajudicial arbitration procedure for complaints and disputes. Privacy: On this page we will tell you what information we collect when you visit our website, why we collect this information and how we can improve your user experience. This privacy policy applies to all ATJR bvba websites. By using this website, you indicate your acceptance of the privacy policy. Who processes your personal data? ATJR sprl, located at Place de la Minoterie 10, 1080 Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, is responsible for processing personal data as defined in this privacy statement. This includes information about customers and people who take an active interest in our company, for example by subscribing to our newsletter or by leaving a message in our contact form. Contact details ATJR sprl Place de la Minoterie 10, 1080 Molenbeek-Saint-Jean Telephone: +32 471 56 48 48 28 Website: What personal data do we process? ATJR sprl processes the personal data you leave when you place an order and/or when you leave your personal data on the website (for example by registering for the newsletter). We also use social media plugins and the Google Analytics analysis program to analyse visitor behaviour. Below is an overview of the personal data we process: - First and last name - E-mail address(es) - Billing data - IP address (when visiting a website)* - Internet browser and device type (when visiting a website) - Location information (when visiting a website) - Information about your activities on our website (via Google Analytics) - List of contact details in our e-mail system (Wix) How do we process special and/or sensitive personal data? Our website does not intend to collect information from visitors under the age of 16. Unless they have permission from their parents or guardian. However, we cannot verify whether a visitor is over the age of 16. We therefore advise parents to participate in their children's online activities to prevent the collection of information about children without their consent. If you believe that we have collected personal information from a minor without such consent, please contact us at We will then delete this information. For what purpose and on what basis do we process personal data? ATJR sprl analyses the behaviour of visitors to the site in order to improve the site and to adapt the range of products to the preferences of visitors. We process personal data for the following purposes: - Processing payments - Sending our newsletter and/or advertising leaflet - Being able to call or e-mail our customers if necessary to carry out our services. - Informing customers of changes to our products or working methods - Allowing customers to create an account - Delivering goods to the customer What about automated decision making? ATJR bvba does not take decisions on the basis of automated processing that could have consequences for natural and/or legal persons. These are decisions that are taken by computer programs or systems, without a human being (e.g. an employee of ATJR bvba) being part of them. ATJR bvba uses the following computer programs or systems: - Stripe (invoices) - Wix (newsletters) - Wix (individual e-mail) Google Analytics (measurement of website traffic) How long do we keep personal data? ATJR bvba does not keep personal data longer than is strictly necessary to achieve the purposes for which the data was collected. We use the following retention periods for the following categories of personal data: - Customer data, including personal data, is retained for as long as the customer places an order. If the customer does not order products for seven years, the data will be deleted. - The data of prospects who have subscribed to the newsletter or filled in the contact form, including personal data, will be kept for a maximum of seven years. - Customer data, including personal data relating to invoices, will be retained for a period of seven years in accordance with the statutory period of time of the tax and customs authorities. - Questions and answers from customers and third parties are sometimes stored anonymously in our frequently asked questions database. Do we share your personal data with third parties? ATJR bvba does not sell your information to third parties and only provides it if this is necessary for the implementation of our agreement with you or to comply with a legal obligation. With the companies that process your data on our behalf, we enter into a processing agreement to ensure the same level of security and confidentiality of your data. ATJR bvba remains responsible for these processing operations. How do we use cookies or similar techniques? ATJR bvba uses functional, analytical and tracking cookies. A cookie is a small text file that is stored in the browser of your computer, tablet or smartphone when you visit our site for the first time. ATJR sprl uses cookies with a purely technical functionality. These guarantee the proper functioning of the website and, for example, the storage of your preferences. These cookies are also used for the proper functioning of the site and to optimise it. In addition, we place cookies that follow your browsing behaviour in order to be able to offer you personalised content and advertisements. When you first visited our website, we already informed you about these cookies and asked your permission to place them. You can unsubscribe from cookies by setting your Internet browser to no longer store cookies. In addition, you can delete any information previously stored in your browser settings. For an explanation, see: Cookies are also placed on this website by third parties, such as Google Analytics Function: Cookies that measure visits to the website View, modify or delete your data? You have the right to access, correct and delete your personal data. In addition, you have the right to revoke your consent to the processing of the data or to object to the processing of your personal data by ATJR bvba. This means that you can ask us to send your personal data, which we have stored in a computer file, to you or to another organisation that you have mentioned. You can send info@neo-reishi a request to examine, rectify, delete, transfer your personal data or a request to withdraw your consent or to object to the processing of your personal data. In order to ensure that the request for inspection has been made by you, we ask you to attach a copy of your ID to your request. Make your passport photo, MRZ (machine-readable zone, the strip with the numbers at the bottom of the passport), passport number and black Burgerservicenummer (BSN) in this copy. This is to protect your privacy. We will respond to your request within four weeks at the latest. How do we protect your personal data? ATJR bvba takes the protection of your data seriously and takes appropriate measures to prevent abuse, loss, unauthorised access, unwanted disclosure and unauthorised changes. If you have the impression that your data is not properly secured or if there are indications of misuse, please contact our customer service or via